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Xzibit Maui Street Car Show! AUGUST 6th 2005

Aug 6th I went to the Xzibit Maui Street Car Show and took more photos. The show wasn't big, but had some eye candy and something to laugh about. I got to meet some of the photo models in person and I got to make some pictures. The photos turned out pretty good, although I messed up 3 portraits, because of insufficient light or my inability to hold still. I used to hold a 1/4 of a second easily using a normal lens. I finally decided to use the flash for a portrait and that turned out very good. No red eyes but pretty clear ones and very tiny flash reflections. Well now see for yourself.

Pam Rodriguez

Pam Rodriguez
Event: xbitz 20050806
Location: Maui, Hawaii, USA
Upload: 27 Apr 2011

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