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Xzibit Maui Street Car Show! AUGUST 6th 2005

Aug 6th I went to the Xzibit Maui Street Car Show and took more photos. The show wasn't big, but had some eye candy and something to laugh about. I got to meet some of the photo models in person and I got to make some pictures. The photos turned out pretty good, although I messed up 3 portraits, because of insufficient light or my inability to hold still. I used to hold a 1/4 of a second easily using a normal lens. I finally decided to use the flash for a portrait and that turned out very good. No red eyes but pretty clear ones and very tiny flash reflections. Well now see for yourself.

soft body contest (winner)

soft body contest (winner)
Event: xbitz 20050806
Location: Maui, Hawaii, USA
Upload: 18 Mar 2011

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