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cool cars and hot girls See some photos I took. If you have photos of cool cars join us.

Street Car Showoffby: Rowald 2011-04-25
Street Car Showoff

Streetcar Showoff Honolulu Aug 2005

Yeah, three days in Honolulu. The first morning, I found www.modelgraphy.com to be down. I had a lot of trouble with my server provider, which caused www.modelgraphy.com to be down for three days. (Don't select Gazzin as your provider!!!) I sent many emails and it stressed me out. Well, the show was nice still and I took many many photos. Sadly, I didn't get to all I wanted to speak with and I should have taken more photos from some of the models. Well, see for yourself now.

Formula 1by: Rowald 2011-04-11
Formula 1

I stumbled upon this little car show on a big vanity fair. Luckely I had my camera on me and could take some snaps. Sorry there are these fences all over. They didn't let me take them away, ha ha.

HIN HNL 2005-12by: Rowald 2011-03-31
HIN HNL 2005-12

HIN Honolulu Dec 2005

One more visit to Honolulu. It was nice to meet some of the ladies again and take some pictures. Anyhow, HIN isn't all that. It was too short and too dark. You had suffient light around the booths, but not for the cars. Well see for yourself.

xbitzby: Rowald 2011-03-25

Xzibit Maui Street Car Show! AUGUST 6th 2005

Aug 6th I went to the Xzibit Maui Street Car Show and took more photos. The show wasn't big, but had some eye candy and something to laugh about. I got to meet some of the photo models in person and I got to make some pictures. The photos turned out pretty good, although I messed up 3 portraits, because of insufficient light or my inability to hold still. I used to hold a 1/4 of a second easily using a normal lens. I finally decided to use the flash for a portrait and that turned out very good. No red eyes but pretty clear ones and very tiny flash reflections. Well now see for yourself.

Harley Days 2007by: Rowald 2011-03-16
Harley Days 2007

Always good to have a camera at hand. I was invited to brunch and that happened to be right where Hamburg's Harley days took place. All the bikers with not only Harleys gathered for there round tour right in front of us. A kind of vanity fair where right across the road so we went there too. See some of our impressions in the gallery.

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